Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Refinery: Third Time Through

Took a drive for a later night dinner foray to The Refinery with my daughter who had never been able to visit before now.

I took a quick peek online to see what this weeks menu held in store for us and we called them before
we left on a Friday night to make sure we could get
a table around 9.

Although the menu does change weekly a pattern can be seen in the offerings most every time.

My two previous visits have been a bit of a mixed bag but overall the food, service and atmosphere have been good quality and made me want to come back and try more of the fare here.

(Pictured left: Flat Iron Steak)

Once we arrived we had a table waiting on us and immediately were seated and ordered a wine and a Downtown Brown dark
brew. The wine was unusual and tasted great.

For our meal we got the Pork Belly app, that came with braised cabbage and included a sliver of cashew brittle with it. I guess my daughter scooped up the brittle because I only saw it in the picture. This one took a while to get out to us and when it came it was sans any discernible pork. The two pieces of pork on the platter were 98.45% fat and the usually crispy outer skin was limp and fatty as well. This dish really should not have been served.

The main entrees were much better as the veggie lover daughter ordered the Grit Cakes with all kinds of "friends" on board......carrots, figs, sweet potato mash.....and I opted for the Flat Iron Steak after asking for a reco between it and the Thai Burger. The three large grit cakes kind of overwhelmed the bowl but all in all it was enjoyed by it's owner. My skirt steak was medium rare and tender and came with a serving of fingerlings and asparagus. Also had a pat of rich herb butter with some anchovies in it. Rather strong but a nice complement. Ordered another dark brew here, The Hooker Liberator which was richer than my first one.

We were really full when we finished and did not have room for dessert yet

again but there are two choices I believe on the menu each week. The service was consistent as always and as a matter of fact I have had the same waiter all three trips now.

I would say we will visit again and see what adventurous items we can discover on the menu. This trip was a bit uneven foodwise but still all in all an enjoyable trip into culinary enjoyment.

Overall on my four seashell scale I am giving this meal a 2.75.

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