Monday, August 16, 2010

I love Thai and I love Sushi...

So, always a welcome sight when a decent place comes along that caters to both types of cuisine in the same space. Such was the case this past weekend when I ventured down 54 to the shadow of the Sun Coast and found Bangkok Thai and Sushi in a little strip center right off the road.

I was actually fairly surprised at the nice relaxed and almost upscale feel when I walked in and was greeted immediately by the staff and seated in a little two top with a couch against the wall bench to relax on. I noticed a new brew which I had not had before on the table tent so I ordered a Chang as I was pretty thirsty. Similar to Singha in flavor and cold!

After perusing the menu for a few minutes and the variety of sushi rolls and nigiri as well as the Thai salads, I ordered pretty simply. A Yum Squid which is a salad, medium spicy and Red Clam and Escolar nigiri. I asked if they had Uni and was told no....a hard one to come by most of the time. I also ordered a hot sake as is my custom with sushi.

The servers were all in tradtional Asian dress which made the feel of the service that much more authentic and matched the decor nicely.

My Thai Squid salad was really good and presented beautifully on it's plate and the sushi came out looking artistic as well. The salad was pretty spicy and had my water glass refilled about four times as I ate. The sushi was fresh and tasted as good as any I have had in the area.
The original plan was to eat lighter and then head across the way to the International Beer Garden BUT I was too full and getting a bit tired so I saved that treat for my next time out this way.

And that will be pretty soon as I promised the wife a meal there. Real nice place for date night and also for a table full as you can hear yourself talk in this place.

On my four seashell scale I am going with:

Atmosphere 3.25
Service 3.00
Food 3.00
Drink 2.50
Overall 3.00

See You Next Thai!!!!

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