Monday, August 9, 2010

More High End Burger Places Coming

Seems that one of the biggest dining trends out there right now is centered around the All American Classic, the hamburger.

Almost every month we see a new one pop up in our area with the latest entry being Burger Monger in the Carrollwood area. The reviews on it are quite a mixed bag but it seems to be drawing a lot of interest in the area. Lately a few of the more creditable Urbanspoon diners have stopped in for a visit so I feel a bit better about what I am reading about them now than I did before. I have yet to get by there but will make a point of it very soon.

To date, Five Guys has been one of my burger and fries places of choice for a couple of reasons. One, they deliver a pretty good product and their fries are really a big draw for me personally. Two, locations are near us and convenient and their food is much better than Mickey D's, BK and Sonic to name three. I always opt for the smaller burger since the larger size and an order of regular fries qualifies you for an episode of Man vs. Food. I tried one of their dogs for a change once and although it was tasty enough, it was pretty pricey for a hot dog IMO.

Now another entry is opening over at Citrus Park and also being built as we speak in the Shops at Wiregrass in Wesley Chapel. The Red Robin chain is coming to town. We ate at a few of these back when we lived in Ft. Worth, Texas and I recall that they were pretty good. Based on their website though, they do a whole lot more than gourmet burgers. I look forward to giving them a try the minute they open their doors in Wiregrass, right up the road from my home.

So, I have my work cut out for me. Burger Monger and then Red Robin with a follow up on both.


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