Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tapas are on the Mapas......

Oysters With Shot Of Vodka At Ceviche
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Little plates. Ceviche. Meatballs. Cheese. Artichokes. All these and more are on the menu at one of the many Tapas places here in the area.

Ceviche, Vizcaya, Cafe Ole, Spain, Sangria, Tinatapas. Ceviche has many locations. I am quite sure I am missing some others.

All of them are primarily Tapas and Sangria purveyors. All have a different take on things which makes the journey more pleasing to take. Out of these named, I have eaten at all but Sangria's to date. So far, I would have to say that Ceviche has been my overall favorite and most frequented of the ones I have had a meal. I suppose we have been there at least a dozen or more times. Have had very few instances where we were not pleased with something. Of course we have found some items we just do not care for on the menu but on the huge menu at Ceviche you will not like them all BUT do not let that stop your culinary adventure.

Our other most frequented Tapas place has been Vizcaya on Dale Mabry. Have been there five times or more and it is a completely different atmosphere than Ceviche. A much smaller place and for that reason alone maybe a little more intimate. The menu here is less varied that Ceviche BUT we have always loved the plates we have ordered here save one or two. I think I found I did not care to their Octopus one for instance.

Salad Vilafranca at Ceviche
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Ceviche is all about festive and variety and the menu for the newbie can appear daunting. Have always liked the Sangria, especially when they mix it right at your table for you. The Tabla Mixta, a platter of cheeses, meats and yummy accompaniments is one of our faves here. Also Vilafranca salad is awesome and is one to share with a few folks as well. The list of others we like here would be pretty long so I will devote some space for them next time we head there.

For now though Ceviche is our go to for Tapas and Sangria with Vizcaya right behind them. Spain and Cafe Ole will need more to move up on our list. Visit them on Tuesday for $4 Tapas and Sangria......

Happy Small Plating!!!!

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