Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another one bites the........burger

So, I fulfilled one more on my list of to eats this week. I visited the newcomer on the burger block, The Burger Monger on Dale Mabry over in Carrollwood. It was a close call though as I drove right past the Ybor exit and thought about giving Shrimp and Co. their second chance meal.

So, after I actually put Burger Monger on the Urbanspoon map before they opened and followed them from day one, I was feeling a bit conflicted due to the mixed reviews and some issues with shills in the early days. (Over one dozen people voted "like it" before they even opened for instance).

But all that was put to rest when I arrived and walked into the latest burger bonanza here in Tampa.

The atmosphere is actually a bit on the upscale side and nicer for sure than say......Five Guys, who goes after that soda shoppe look. With nice furniture, and decor and some well placed TV's for watching the Rays or something else, the place has a nice comfy feel.

Service was downright cheerful which is uncommon these days and you can tell the mgt has a rigorous training program AND expects his people to treat customers as just that, their guest. Not having been here before, I ordered pretty basic from the menu for my first time and got the 6 oz Kobe burger with pepper Jack, Shrooms, lettuce, tomato and a little mayo. Also the 1/2 lb fries, hand cut. Two of my favorite words, hand cut. Nice to see they had a good beverage selection including beer and wine. I do not necessarily needs a beer with my burger BUT ordered a Sam Adams anyway. One thing I was not asked was how I wanted my burger done. A slip up?

I watched as others ordered and got their food and the servers were very pleasant and polite and when one table asked for their fries crispier there was no question asked, the fries were taken and a serving of crispy ones appeared in minutes.

My brew took a few minutes and when it got there was not icy cold like I would expect went down good nonetheless.

My burger and fries came out hot and ready to eat and the server even went and got me ketchup but alas did not ask if I wanted silverware too. I got more ketchup and silverware and noticed they also have malt vinegar for those who enjoy it on their fries.

So, to the food. The burger was good. Not dry as many have said, but a good solid burger. As I ate I read all about the Kobe beef thing and the health claims and all that. It did not change the burger to anything other than a good tasting burger. The fries were very fresh and a little bit on the limp side BUT to me, any hand cut fresh fries beat most others in burger joints. The plate I had was just enough as well. There were none left on my plate.

So all in all, I will certainly be back to try more items on the menu including the $14.99 Two patty pounder. And when I bring a crew with me we can order the huge chili cheese fries to go with it and a thick milkshake.

I escaped for $13 and change and felt pretty good about that tab.

On my four seashell scale and keeping in mind the place I was eating in comparison to others in the genre:

Atmosphere: 3.00
Service: 3.50
Food 2.75
Drink 2.50

Overall 2.90

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