Thursday, February 14, 2013

Foodspotting: Spot Or No Spot? You Make The Call...

Update: this is also posted on the FS site if you scroll to bottom of page and click Support and FAQ. Chime in with your ideas since we as members can make the site better and more of what we want to see.

Grobi Is Another FS Power user
In this week's article we will review the newest set of guidleines set up by FS and that i have been given permission to post here by Alexa.

FS continues to remove my spots about 100 at a time while no action taken on others clearly in the same vein or "worse" and flagged more than once. In fact, web images I have flagged and sent in links to their origins online have remained despite efforts to help police the site for clear inappropriate images.

Here is the latest communcation from FS:
  Admin response

 An idea you follow has been updated:
 70 votes
under review
Should Foodspotting have a Leaderboard or Points System? What are better alternatives for encouraging quality over quantity?
under review
 Just a quick update that we’ve implemented some fraud prevention mechanics to address the multiple accounts issue and are still working on exploring leaderboard alternatives per the post above. Would still love your feedback on the proposed solutions.

As far as Gulf Coast Guy’s valid question of, “What belongs on Foodspotting?” — I want to remind you all of Foodspotting’s goal:

Finding and sharing GREAT dishes.

While we realized that people inevitably would end up sharing occasional dishes from home or items from grocery stores or dishes that weren’t really great (and created accommodations for these behaviors — private venues and the default “Home” venue, tried vs loved, hiding, etc. — because it’s more sustainable than policing every photo), we’d also like to encourage our top users especially, since you’re role models for others, to please consider not just what is technically allowed or not allowed, but the principles here.

 Perhaps ask yourself a few questions before posting:

1. Was this a great dish?
2. If not, is there something interesting about it that makes it worth sharing?
3. Would other users consider this great or interesting?
4. Would a reasonable user flag it?
5. Would a reasonable person perceive me to be pursuing quality or quantity?

If not, why are you posting? Is it just about the leaderboard? Is it because everyone else is doing it? Is it worth it?

 I realize this doesn’t solve the problem but hopefully contributes a little food for thought to the conversation.

Alexa Andrzejewski Cofounder, Foodspotting

I applaud the efforts here of the FS team to communicate and hope putting it here helps get the word out to more people on the site. I would say MOST of the spots I see fall into number 3 and relates directly to the follow up at the bottom of the leader board . And in the next phase of the site we are being asked if the leaderboard goes or stays and in my opinion it GOES. It is the cause of most of the whining on the site and also leads to members trying to skirt the true goal of the site to inflate numbers. I am willingly admitting that I have been part of some of this behavior, although I try not to whine and just do my thing. As I have said before, it is a fun hobby for me and my life and self worth do not depend on this site. I do like the idea of some different areas for "recognition" with a change up often enough where a lot of members se their efforts in the spotlight, applauded and feel their contributions are noticed. It is human nature to want that at some level. I think one of the most frustrating things that I see or have seen IS others skirting the spirit of the site and nothing being done about it so........human nature is to emulate it. Now when you have 7400....oops, 7369 due to more removals....on the site you get more attention. And as J.Roncelli will tell you, we LOVE attention. ;o)
One Of J. Roncelli's Many Shill Fans
More to come folks on Foodspotting and it's evolution moving forward with the Open Table acquisition. Feel free to chime in here with your thoughts! The site folks are welcome to join in and clear up any confusion and address whining instead of allowing it on a member's page.

Stay tuned..........

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