Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Gifts That Cost You Little

And mean MUCH MORE to the receiver than you will ever realize.

This Christmas, in the true spirit of the season, which is the celebration of the greatest birthday in human civilization, why not let His love shine, through you and find opportunities to give to others you would not normally think of giving to. You say money is tight? I hear you brother. Many of the gifts I am talking about do not even include money. Give time. Give encouragement. Give sweat. Give love. Give hope.

It is not up to the government to take care of all those in need, many of them actually in that position DUE to our government. No friends, it is up to us, God's people, the church and humanity to take care of needs of our society, our communities, our cities and our very own neighbors.

Many things can be done and the list is really endless if you use even a little imagination.

Volunteer to deliver toys to the less fortunate children via Angel Tree or Metro Ministries. Visit shut ins and the elderly who would not have any Christmas without you and sit with them and sing Christmas Carols, let them tell you stories, give them a kind word and a smile, hold their hand, let them know you care. Be a big brother or sister to a little one who has no one else. Bring them a book. Read it to them. Take them to get an ice cream. Look at Christmas lights with them.

Volunteer to serve food at the many places around the area that will provide meals to the homeless, the less fortunate and others. There are countless opportunities to do this and as simple as picking up the paper or the phone to find them.

Help a neighbor in your area with something they cannot do themselves. Mow the high lawn for the older lady, bring a meal to a family with sickness or with job loss. Invite a single or elderly person for Christmas dinner with your family if they will be alone.

Birth That Saved Us All!
If you do have some extra financial wherewithal and have been blessed in that department you can mulitply the blessings at Christmas for others AND yourself. Angel Tree kids are everywhere and want a Christmas like anyone else. You can make that happen for about $50 or less for each kid. Give to local food banks, $1 buys 7 meals for a hungry child. See Feeding America or local sites for this one. Adopt a foreign child via Compassion and let your family share in the growth of that child over the years. Currently $38 a month. Consider Samaritan's Purse as another option to give for very little money.

Buy the guy behind you in the drive thru their meal, buy the older couple the next table over their meal at the Cracker Barrel in secret, buy that military twosome their meal at Waffle House and thank them for their sacrifice.

I could go on for days. Merry Christmas to all and I hope this spurs something in your heart to give back something this Christmas other than a wrapped gift inder the Christmas Tree! God Bless Us Every One!