Friday, May 6, 2011

Have your cake and eat it too...later on even from The Boll Weevil

Stopped in a little place in Augusta, Georgia today for a quick bite. Augusta is much more famous for the world's best golf tournament but down on the river in downtown is a cute little cafe and sweetery, as they call it, for lunch and some cake. Lot's of cake.

Decisions, decisions
So, as we waited for out table the little fella and I perused the cake cabinets up front and I told him to decide which one he wanted for his "snack". Mind you, this one is 3 years old and the snack was just a bit more than that.

So we finally got our table and he was ready for the choice he has firmly and resolutely in mind from about the first five seconds of peering into the cases.

Would it be a choice from case number one? Or would it be one from case number two?

Case #2
There was lemon, there was cheesecake, there was all manner of chocolate versions, by death and by life. Tropical, Strawberry, Caramel, Chocolate Chip....and on and on.

The waiter came and the immediate order was Strawberry. Not too surprising knowing that this little one can make a meal out of only fresh strawberries and blueberries. Not a bad choice either I thought as I am partial to this variety as well. (No I did not influence the decision in any way other than to say he could order cake.)

A serving of Strawberry Cake
 I in turn ordered what turned out to be a tasty Portobello Mushroom salad with feta and a unique vinegarette dressing with an unsweet tea to drink. The little fella enjoyed swigging my tea until his cake arrived and it DID arrive.

He seemed to be very very pleased and in his left handed manner (Thank you God) he started in on it in earnest right away. He did a pretty darn good job on it I must say as the serving was really at least two to two and one half servings anywhere else. I had a couple of bites while I waited on my salad too but not too much.

We boxed up half of it and brought it back for later consumption by someone in our party or maybe two of them. The cake was nice and dense and the icing was not the normal sweet goo but really had some body and was pretty heavy which was great going with the cake itself.

Portobello Salad
Oh, my salad was great too. Ate every bite and would order it again. Will visit The Boll Weevil again soon and grab some of the great wine selection they had in the place as well. Seems like a wonderful spot for a date night or glass of vino before dinner as well.

Now I am back at work and the little one is watching his toons in the other room on the tube, soon to be asleep dreaming of another slice of that cake I presume.