Tuesday, September 11, 2012

********************Aven's Funny Poem*****************

Tommy Counts To 50

Tommy was learning how to count
His number expertise beginning to mount

One day he was playing with his best friend Ben
And Ben challenged Tommy to count up to ten

Tommy just smiled held his hands up and spoke loud
And his fingers went up and Ben he was proud

When he made it to ten his friend smacked his back
And told Tommy "great job" and they went for a snack

A knock on the door and Tommy saw Linda
His other good friend who was a big spenda

She liked to brag about all of her dough
She got from her parents for the lawn she did mow

She had a new ball, it was a basketball, brown
She said it cost $30 at the store in downtown

Tommy spoke up and said that he knew
How to count to thirty, even thirty-two

Linda said cool, let Ben and I hear it
Tommy he gulped, his throat he did clear it

He counted real fast until he reached seventeen
He stopped for a breath and to eat a red jelly bean

Then he began again, counting past twenty
Using jelly beans for each number, you see he had plenty

He reached twenty nine and all three just smiled
He reached number thirty and they all went hog wild

Then they went outside and played with the ball
And bounced it against the garage wall

Then Toby showed up and said the ball was nifty
Looked over at Tommy and said let's bounce fifty

Tommy he turned and nodded ok
And began to count bounces along the way

The bouncing began and reached 21
All the kids looked to be having such fun

The more the ball bounded the more Tommy got loud
Till he reached 48 and saluted the crowd

They all knew that was fifty was just around the bend
And Tommy drew a breath to get his second wind

He blurted out fifty and fell in a heap
Tonight he might count sheep in his sleep

So Tommy his counting it all being done
Sat down at the table to eat his honey bun

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