Wednesday, September 5, 2012

An Avie Favie (G'Daddy too)

Today, I am going to show Aven how he can, with his mommy's or Ton Ton's help, make his very own favorite breakfast item, the Egg In A Basket. This dish goes way back to my own childhood where my mom would make these for me and the other kids in the house as a special treat and to this day it remains a simple AND yummy dish for a quick breaksfast. Eggs are high in protein and not nearly the bad guy that had been reported in the past.

Now Aven, in Portland it is going to get chillier than Tampa, so a good breakfast each day will help you stay warm and full while allowing you to do well in school since your tummy will not be growling.

Start With The Basket
So here we go Avie......

First get a good soft piece of bread and a glass or cookie cutter to press down and make the hole for the egg and the basket lid.

Then warm up the stove with a frying pan and melt about a teaspoon of butter in it. Once melted place the basket in the pan and the lid also to soak up butter and brown.

Egg Added Into Basket After Butter Melts
Crack an egg and pour into the basket for cooking. While that is going on add a little butter on the top side of the bread so when you turn it over it will sizzle and soak into the bread too.

Once it is brown on one side flip it over....very carefully, so you do not break the yummy yolk. Watch it closely so you do not overcook it and get the yolk too hard since half the fun is dipping the lid in the yolk when eating.

Now, it should be ready for you to eat. Ask Mommy for a nice tall glass of oragne juice to go with it and sit down and say your blessing first.

Then dig in and enjoy little fella. Soon you will be able to make these all by yourself and make one for mommy and Ton Ton too!!!

Here is a funny poem about Eggs In A Basket:

I love to eat Eggs In A Basket
How do I get one, I just ask it

Fry it up in the pan
It's a pretty simple plan

I will eat it all up
And drink juice from my cup

When I'm done and all full
I tell you, it's no bull

I will start to wish
Again for this dish

Maybe for dinner
Yeah, that's a winner

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