Friday, September 3, 2010

Anna Maria Eats!

.Ok, so I am heading back to my secret little place..... taking you with me..........Shhhhhhhh, remember, all this is just between you and me. Don't want the whole world to know what we do now do we? ;o).

This time to broach the subject of a few of my fave places up on the north end (only place to stay IMO) of the Island to grab a bite or make an evening of it. There are some good choices for both from breakfast to dinner and everything in between. All within a bike ride or a walk of each other. This will not be all inclusive but I will re-visit again as we unveil the little gem of Anna Maria Island's North End.

Now, where do we begin this little jaunt? Let's go with the Ginny And Jane E's coffee shop/gift shop/internet cafe/breakfast and lunch eatery. This is the old IGA store and has undergone a change in ownership in the last year or so BUT the mood is still beach relaxed and a MUST stop on any visit to AMI. Bring the dog and bring the family, all are welcome here. They serve some good breakfast baked goods and also have some tasty items for your choosing for lunch and maybe even early dinner too. Pick up some gourmet snacks here for the rental cottage. Check emails and let the pooch relax here as well. Oh, and pick up some AMI gifts and souvenirs. Crowded at times so be patient and relax in a chair that is for sale too. Great spot to grab some liquid energy before heading out on your morning walk on the beach in the sunshine.

Now that we have covered the AM hours let's get you to a place for lunch. How about a fresh grilled Grouper sandwich and a cold Corona while sitting on the water? Ok, just a few short minutes by bike is the Rod and Reel Pier. Here, you walk out to the end of the pier and plop down in the bar or upstairs in the dining room and order up some fresh seafood and a good cold one. I suggest the bar since the action is in there and right outside people are fishing for their dinner. And the company there is always friendly. If you like oysters you can also order an Oyster po-Boy although it is not on the menu.

These two are a good start but we have much more for you in future posts on the AMI eateries. Relaxing? yes. Pretentious? No way. Flip Flops may be too formal for these places but I think they will still let you in.

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