Sunday, September 5, 2010

Best Thing I Ever Ate

From The Mr. B's Website
Best thing I ever ate? It gets a "B"!

As in Mr. B's Bistro in New Orleans. A place I have dined in over 50X in my life and that I look forward to visiting each time I have the opportunity to travel to the Big Easy.

Mr. B's is the benchmark, or should I say, a benchmark restaurant for me as I eat in other cities and the total experience here has almost always been one of the best in my vast culinary cruise. I have been stopping in here since 1978. I have had many celebrations here, many business meetings here, many meals alone here and every now and then just stop in over at the bar for a Bloody Mary, B's style. I have been known to eat one day for lunch and the very next day come in for dinner here. It is THAT good. I have had reservations for other new places on the scene countless times and while out and about somehow stumbled into B's and called the other place to cancel my reservations. And yes, I am one of the ones who will actually call to cancel reservations.

Back to the subject at hand, the BEST thing I ever ate. Not surprising it was here that I ate said dish. I mean when they have some of the best gumbo, oyster apps, BBQ Shrimp, Rabbit and Steak to name a few, how can you go wrong. But it was none of those that made the BTIEA top rank.

It was on a business trip. It was one time I dined alone for dinner. It was a defining moment in my dining life. This trip in they had a special on the menu which I eagerly ordered not knowing what awaited me when it came out to my table. It was on the menu as a "Free Form Ravioli w/ Lump Crabmeat". Of course being a lifelong fan of anything fresh crab I had to try this one. I do not even remember the other items I ordered that night and they do not matter at all for this piece.

THE dish came out and was two huge handmade pasta sheets draped around a filling of lump blue crab meat, chanterelle mushrooms, other herbs and spices and then lovingly drenched in a delicate yet assertive lemon butter sauce. I will never forget the first bite....or the second....or the last. It was heaven on a plate and I had the Chef show up at my table after I commented endlessly to my waiter that night about how good this dish tasted. I have had the pleasure of having this dish one more time on a trip in with my wife to celebrate my birthday a few years back. The dish was a tad different BUT still the best thing I ever ate. My wife ordered it as well and agreed and we never order the same thing so we can share. I had already told her if she wanted some to get her own because I was likely not going to share much if any.

So the favorite overall restaurant in my life is Mr' B's and they also lay claim to serving me the BEST THING I EVER ATE!

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