Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Tube Is Underway

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The G'Daddy and Aven project is well underway and will be finished soon. The banktube connecting Mill St. in Portland to Walnut Grove in Tampa will intersect in Silver Dollar City, where the state of the art clubhouse is also being built. The tube net is aptly named Aventube and the meeting point clubhouse is being called G'Daddyville for the time being.

Part Of The Tube Network

Once finished the 3004 mile tube will allow for quick transport of the two partners to their meeting point and back. The tube is a one of a kind invention and it's plans are top secret and will not be revealed to anyone, not even family and close friends. The expected trip time from Portland will be a bit longer than the one from Tampa but will be only an estimated eight minutes while the trip from Tampa is expected to last approximately 4 minutes and 44 seconds. The early arrival of G'Daddy will allow him time to make a Sno-Cone for Aven before he arrives. Special suits and helmets have also been designed and made for each of the Tube Twosome.

The clubhouse will have all the modern amenities and will be an oasis hidden in a secret location in Silver Dollar City. All the inventors would share is that it will be near a Target, an ice cream shop, a donut shop and a Waffle House. More details will be shared later on as the two plan an exclusive interview with Southern Living Magazine later on to share more about their amazing plans.

Model Of Travel Pod For Tube Network
In the future there are plans to expand the usage of the tube and it's network to other family members but this is at least 2 years away as Aven and G'Daddy want to make sure the kinks are all worked out before they open it to others.

Also, interim stops will be added as time goes on so Aven and his G'Daddy can meet in other fun places along the 3004 mile path. This part of the porject will begin in Mid 2013.

Current Stopping Point For The Aventube Network

Silver Dollar City also has some interesting sites and things to do for the duo once they are there and as time goes on and plans are made they will be able to venture out from their secret hideout to enjoy some of the fun in this great location.

They will be seeking advice from others as to stops they should add as time goes on.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Aventube here on Banktube to Silver Dollar City's Blog.

Donut Shop

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